What Is Acne ?

Acne is a inflammatory skin condition caused due to blockage of skin pores by oil, bacteria, dust or dead skin cells. Itgives rise to spots and pimples on skin especially on the face, back, shoulders, neck, chest and upper arms. Acne is a common skin problem seen in teenage and during puberty.

Is there any other forms of acne?
Yes, acne present into two forms inflammatory or non – inflammatory form, which further divided into sub- forms.
It includes:

Non- Inflammatory –
Whiteheads – Whiteheads are known as closed comedones. It appears as a small bump cling out from skin.
Blackheads – They are also known as open comedones Blackheads are caused due to clogged pores and dead skin cells. It appears as a black dot on skin surface.

Inflammatory form :
Papules – It looks like red bumps on our skin. It is caused due to rupture of hair wall follicle. It results red bumps commonly known as pimples on skin.
Pustules – Pustules arelarge, tender bumps (pimples) with a white-colored head contains pus(whitish or yellowish), dead skin and excess oil.
Nodules – Nodules are red bumps located deep inside the skin. They are large, deep, hard and painful lumps with no visible center or head, it can cause dark spots or scarring.
Cysts – It is the large, red, painful, inflamed and most severe deep skin infection filled with pus. It is soft ans causes infection on surrounding skin when bursts. It can leave scar on skin.

What are different types of Acne?

Commonly Known types of Acne :
Acne vulgaris
Acne rosacea
Acne conglobata
Acne cosmetic
Acne fulminans
Acne medicamentosa
Acne keloidalisnuchae

What factors give rise to Acne?
Blockage of hair follicle
Hormonal Change
Exposure to industrial products like cutting
Pressure on skin (e.g helmets, chin straps)
During Menses
Hereditary (If any one of parents had acne skin)
Polycystic Ovarian Disease
During first 3 months of pregnancy
During Menses
During first 3 months of pregnancy
Sugars or Carbohydrates rich diet

What Symptom Indicates Acne ?
Small red Bumps (Some are filled with Pus)
Black heads
White heads
Nodules (deep and painful)

How to confirm the presence of Acne?
Hormonal Test (in case excessive body hair or disturbed menses)
Physical Examination

Is there any natural ways to prevent Acne ?
Cleansing – Remove excess oil and dust.
Washing of hair more often
Use cosmetics which would not clogg skin pores
Avoid squeezing or picking pimples
Avoid wearing hats or tight headbands
Avoid touching face frequently
Healthy diet (e.g – Green tea)
Use soothing moisturizers
Restrict Fried Food
Avoid Alcohol
Drink enough water
Eat fiber rich food