Dr. R.K. Trigotra is one of the well-known Doctors from Northern India who is serving mankind since 1981. Over the span of 37 years, he has treated hundreds of cases successfully. He’s a Philanthropist.

His Professional Qualifications are M.D. (Homoeopathy), B.H.M.S., D.H.M.S. His Academic Qualifications are M.A., M. Phil. from Punjab University Chandigarh (Topper). He was also involved in the Teaching Activities in the Department of Public Administration in the Directorate of Correspondence Courses, P.U., Chandigarh. He was also elected to the Homoeopathic Council of Chandigarh.

Dr. Trigotra has proved beyond doubt that Homoeopathy can treat ANY CHRONIC PATHOLOGY. Some of the ailments include ADHS (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Syndrome), Anxiety Neurosis, Carcinoma of Pancreas, Cirrhosis of Liver, Fibroid Uterus, Hepatitis – C, Infertility, Leucoderma, Lichen Planus, Polycystic Ovarian Disease, Psoriasis, Renal Failure, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Ulcerative Colitis, Undescended Testicles, Vitiligo and many other diseases. He has also treated a number of surgical diseases with Homoeopathy which include Nasal Polyps, Adenoids, Stones, Tumours, Warts, etc. Dr. Trigotra has also been treating chronic diseases like Cancer, HIV/AIDS and terminally ill patients which are on recovery side.