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Get personal online homeopathic treatment / consultancy without leaving your home or work with Homeopathic Dr. Sunil Khurana. A homeopathic prescription is based upon an extensive interview with the patient. During the initial consultation, which is very thorough, the physician needs to carefully question the patient in order to build up a multi-dimensional picture to match one of the drug pictures and find the most appropriate remedy for that person. Several people all suffering with the same named disease, or a set of symptoms, may require completely different homeopathic medicines. This online Homeopathic Consultation helps you to take immediate action and make a start at resolving your health issues while simultaneously saving you the time, effort and cost of travel.

This site is privately managed by Homeopathic Dr. Sunil Khurana and your consultation will be submitted to him personally. He ensures the same caring and attention to detail to your online consultation as though you were in his consultation room. Please be honest in answering the questionnaire, all your information is treated in the strictest confidence of course. This online consultation service is best for non-acute (non urgent) matters which are a long term, (chronic) disturbance to your health, whether emotional, intellectual or physical. There is only 3 steps involve in online consultation with Homeopathic Dr. Sunil Khurana.

Step-1: Reply the Treatment Questionnaire.
Once you contact us via email or regular post we will send you the Treatment Questionnaire. Reply the questions and send it back to us. On receipt of replied Questionnaire, your case would be examined and we will guide you for the best homeopathic treatment provided to you for that particular disease.

Step-2: Send the Consultation Charges.
If we feel that we can help you and agree to take your case, we will inform you accordingly and also send you the payment information.

Step-3: Receive the Medicines.
On receipt of the payment, we will send you your medicines along with other necessary information. You can then use them according to our advice.


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Dr. Sunil Khurana is awarded best multispecialty homeopathic clinic in chandigarh. The award was presented by Dr. Shashi Throor, (Hon. Member of Parliament , 2012)